Took House by Lauren Camp

cover art by Suzanne Sbarge

“[A] stirring, original collection.”

— Publishers Weekly

“It’s as if Camp is holding a magnifying glass in the light until the page beneath it catches fire.”

— Washington Independent Review of Books

“Her poems put us in a place that is only inhabitable by the imagination, and yet we are there, held between life and the art that is created from life. We are consuming while being consumed, always taking and always took.”

— Cultural Weekly

Took House is a multitude. Observer, witness, examiner, practitioner, and seer—Lauren Camp has produced a collection to be pondered, studied, enjoyed, and shared. … [A]n intellectual appetite with enigmatic grace.”


“Camp’s poems can feel expansive, taking in the birds in the sky and the vibrant colors of an artist’s palette, but as she stacks them together, they begin to disassemble into the narrow spaces of the woman’s mind.”

— The Critical Flame

“The ‘sinew and lava’ of both desire and loss pulse right beneath the surface of the poems…”

World Literature Today, Editor’s Pick

“It was a gift... to lean against the blurred edges, artefacts, and time-defying motion of her words.”

The Rumpus

“These collected poems carry the reader through a landscape scattered with ashy remains and circumstances of oppression, presenting a hidden side of love.”

Entropy’s Best of 2020-2021: Poetry Books