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One Hundred Hungers

In her new collection, Lauren Camp explores the lives of a first-generation Arab-American girl and her Jewish-Iraqi parent. One Hundred Hungers tells overlapping stories of food and ritual, immigration and adaptation, evoking Baghdad in the 1940s at a time when tensions began to emerge along ethnic and religious lines. She also draws upon memories of Sabbath dinners in America to reveal how family culture persists.

Dorset Prize — judged by David Wojahn

Finalist, Arab American Book Award

Finalist, Sheila Margaret Motton Book Prize

Finalist, Housatonic Book Award

Valparaiso Poetry review of One Hundred Hungers

Reader’s Companion to One Hundred Hungers

2016 • Tupelo Press
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The Dailiness

The volatile compounds at the core of Lauren Camp’s second book are poems of the coiled environment and tremendous loss. The poet claims every frayed moment, every taut mystery, finding lyricism in mourning and erotic meaning in music. She writes, perhaps wryly, perhaps optimistically, “either we’re standing in disordered light before the disappointment, or it’s after.” The Dailiness offers precision paired with undeviating attention to all the human senses.

National Federation of Press Women Poetry Prize

“Editor’s Pick” — World Literature Today

Rain Taxi review

“Life’s Wrecked Railings” — a conversation with Primal School

2013 • Edwin E. Smith Publishing
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This Business of Wisdom

The poems in This Business of Wisdom suggest a syllabus of the lessons each human faces “as you grow, persistent but clumsy, into your bones.” In this first volume of poetry, Lauren Camp focuses a prismatic lens on the ragged aesthetic of society, and by doing so, constructs an educated view of life.

2010 • West End Press
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I Am and You Are

This hour-long audio piece blends Lauren’s poetic fragments, the mesmerizing vocals of Molly Sturges, and words, voices and stories from women around the world. Sound design by CK Barlow. This project was originally created as an audio accompaniment to Lauren’s visual art series, “Flinch: A Study of Your Self,” and is certain to impact your understanding of women’s realities.

©2009 • 60 minutes
$9.95 plus $3.49 shipping and handling

One Hundred Hungers by Lauren Camp
The Daliness by Lauren Camp
This Business of Wisdom by Lauren Camp
I Am and You Are by Lauren Camp

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