Took House by Lauren Camp

cover art by Suzanne Sbarge

New Book!

Took House is a multitude. Observer, witness, examiner, practitioner, and seer—Lauren Camp has produced a collection to be pondered, studied, enjoyed, and shared. … [A]n intellectual appetite with enigmatic grace.


Opening with hunger and appetite, Took House, an alluringly haunting poetry collection, invites the reader to the table to dip in and out of love, obsession, and what remains hidden.

Psaltery & Lyre

The mind at play in Took House is also a raptor of sorts, alternating between alert observation and swift plunges into the depths of nature, art, embodiment, and memory. Here, the “sinew and lava” of both desire and loss pulse right beneath the surface of the poems, a “sublingual darkness” on and under the ravenous tongue.

World Literature Today, Editor’s Pick (Summer 2020)

Tupelo Press • August 2020