Photo of Lauren Camp by Bob Godwin

photo by Bob Godwin

“Lauren’s work always offers such a hushed intimacy, so closely observed, a way of exploring moments, slowing them down.”

— Todd Davis

Common Raven

Even on the main road, black wing
and gloss. A call without such sorrow.

Wheel ruts in nameless light. Snow cold.
How long until you land,

each feather fluffed with the faithless world?
There is such ungodliness

in what the tongue will feed on.
You make the road a table,

demand pleasure in ransom,
bragging your laws with glottal stops.

And now, the gorge—
the eye, skin, leg. As tires move by,

your endless chewing.
It seems like rage, but it is only hunger.

From Took House by Lauren Camp
(forthcoming from Tupelo Press in 2020)